Thursday, July 30, 2009

Glomerlonephritis(GN) or Albumin Protein in Dogs Urine?

My Dog has 2 Plus Protein in His Urine after his second Urine Test. His Bood Work is Great. Tomorrow they are testing which protein Glomerlonephritis (GN) or Albumin or if 2 Plus is normal for him? and when I know which one, then what? I have researched so much and have read so much my head is spinning. Depending on which is the type of protein they want to give him a blood pressure test I guess if it is the Albumin potein. The thing is I want to do the best for my boy. I belive there is no real medication to help his possible Kidney disease. Only how to maintain his kidney function. I hear 2 Plus protein is very high. I am fearing the worse he may leave this world in 2 months or it could be two years. I am looking for help and advice how I can handle this situation the best I can. Any advise on this subject would be much appreciated. Thank You!
I feel so sorry for you. Not good, not good at all. It's one of those what the body needs to keep going is not good for the kidneys. Ugh. Any signs of anemia and how are the BUN and creatinine?

Does this have anything to do with the dog food recalls ?? Your vet needs to report and may get additional help on how to treat.

No matter the outcome, don't make quick decisions. Think on it, check out the options, see what the cause is.

It sounds like you have good veterinarians. Plus they can call and consult with vet colleges like Cornell or U of Davis.

I have this site you can try to scan through if you are not cross-eyed by now.

I don't know if the links all work.-- there are several at the bottom of the page

They may can change diet, use binders to help, and supplements.

This is a 'wait and see.'

Good luck.

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