Monday, May 24, 2010

Help my puppy is sick?

He was fine in the moring, he was playing around with his toys, he was also running around. He slept a lot during the afternoon and has been vomiting, he won't eat, he only drank water and vomited. He is a 3 month old Germanshepherd.
He may have swallowed a piece of one of his toys. Examine all his toys and be sure that they don't have any pieces missing. If he's unable to eat or drink and hold it down without vomiting you definitely need to take him into the vets in the morning. Ask them to do an xray and they will probably do some blood work as well. You don't want to wait too long because your dog can get dehydrated. You may also want to take his temperature. A dogs normal temperature should be from 100.5 to 102.5 if he has a temperature higher than 102.5 or if it's really low you want to call the vet immediately and at least speak to someone and see if he should be seen before morning. Try to ask yourself some questions as well to be prepared for the vets office: could he have gotten into any chemicals, did he ingest a piece of toy/bone, have you changed his food lately, has he been vaccinated, you want to try to go over everything and give your vet as much information as possible because it will help your vet find the problem and hopefully resolve it sooner.
what food have you been feeding him? Because of the contaminated foods the first sign is vomiting. It causes kidney failure. You really need to get him the vet ASAP!!
Sounds like worms... is the vomit foamy looking? It could also be Parvo, which can strike a puppy quickly and kill within 24 hours. Usually with parvo, they'll vomit but also have water-type poop that stinks like nothing else. You can tell if it is parvo just by smell, trust me. I've been through it.
Pups vomit for many reasons. The only way to know why your pup is now sick is to get him to your vets.
It is very important to do this because pups can dehydrate very quickly and die.
Please get him seen as soon as possible.
I am sure the vet will need to see your pup ASAP.
Stop offering dog food ,and switch to brown rice carrots and Chicken fresh garlic for smell.You can make this your self.
No Onions!!Onions can cause liver damage.!!!
If you would like to buy some food that will not be on the recalled list or just check out the site to see if you food is on the recall list
go to the site below.
Take that pup in to the vet, now. Don't wait till it's too late. Get off the computer and go--now!
It is very important that you get him to the vet right away. Do not wait until after the weekend- please take him as soon as you can. There is a virus called parvo that is extremely dangerous in puppies- it causes vomiting and diarrhea and they can die very quickly if they go untreated. German shepherds and rottweilers seem to be especially susceptable to contracting the virus- they get it from infected soil- usually in areas where people take their dogs a lot. It can live in the soil for over a year. I can not stress this enough- if it turns out to be nothing, at least you know- if it is parvo virus you can save his life.
Take it to the vet before it gets worse.
Get off of the computer and make an appointment with the vet ASAP!
please get your baby to the vet now!! it could be something really simple but its not worth taking chances good luck let us know jody

Help my puppy fractured her leg?

Does she really NEED SURGERY? She fractured it just above the paw and below the thigh nice cut she has a split on will this be enough? Will it heal wrong if we don't get the screw in her? some advice please?
What did your vets say? If he has put a splint on and said he doesn't need surgery than keep him very quiet, try and crate him if possible, only walk him on leash so he doesn't run or jump. You will only know if it has worked when the vet removes the splint and does an xray.
I think it would be best to take her to the vet and get their opinion(or perhaps visit more than one vet to get more than one opinion), but it would probably be best if she did get the surgery because then there is absolulty no chance that she could end up with permanent damage.
If you know for sure she fractured her leg, I am going to assume it's because the vet told you so... and if this is the case, he or she should have told you all about how the dog needs to heal and WHAT the dog needs to heal. if you just assumed the dog fractured her leg based on things off the internet, I can't advise you enough to take her to the vet for the official diagnosis. Depending on the severity of the fracture, the leg could heal incorrectly without the proper setting, and some examples of how include the dog could walk with a perminant limp.
If you want her to live a life of pain, with a permenant limp and don't care much about her at all.. then by all means just put a splint on it.. But if you care at all, and don't want her to heal with a screwed up leg, and have pain and arthritis her entire life, then get it fixed up...
My poodle broke her leg twice in the same spot. She had the surgery the first time and it helped a lot. Her leg was straight. The second time they just put a splint on and now the pin has bent and her leg is crooked. Her leg has been for a few years now. It will be that way until she dies. I would suggest gettin the screw and pin put in if you want it to heal correctly.

Help my new puppy lives inside and needs to be potty trained?

my question is '' how do i train my new puppy to use the bathroom properly ''i take her outside alot and exercise her alot but she is still using the bathroom in the house, she is are inside dog she will live indoors, i bought puppie training pads but my other question is where do i put the pads if she romes all over the house ? how many do i use and where all do i put them and how do i make her know she is suposed to use the pads ? please help?
From my expierence I haven't had much luck with the pads but here are the basics of a simple potty training routine for a puppy.

1. Take him outside (and stay till he's done or a long time has gone by with no results):

As soon as he wakes up in the morning (You don't have to be awake.. much!)

Right after his breakfast

Right after his lunch

Right after his naps

Right after taking him out of his crate

Right after his dinner

Right after any snacks of much size

Right before his bedtime

If he whimpers in the night

Praise him in a cheery voice when he produces.

2. Only feed him and give him water when you can take him outside right away. Especially in a hot or dry climate, you would normally never let dogs be without access to fresh water, but for the weeks that you are training, this limitation will speed up the potty training process for your dog. There will be fewer accidents and so the dog will more quickly learn what you want. But use your judgment about any risk of dehydration.

3. When he does pee or poop where you don't want him to, quietly clean it up in a matter-of-fact way. This isn't a time to talk either loving or annoyed talk to him; essentially ignore him while you do the cleanup. Certainly never yell or physically punish him in any way.

4. When you and he are both home, keep him with you as much as you can, whether at your side (a leash can be handy for this once he accepts it), in a confined area, or in a crate, or otherwise nearby. (If you are crate-training, do keep the puppy in the crate as little as possible.)

Keep in mind that you are building a relationship at the same time that you are teaching him one of his first lessons. Think sometimes about what the world must look like from his perspective, filled with giants who are sometimes very loving and other times confusingly angry. Practice patience!

Potty training dogs isn't always fun -- you are waiting for the puppy to go, in whatever your climate can dish up and at all times of day. If the puppy is running loose in a safe place, this is a good time to do a few stretching exercises while keeping an eye on him. Even if the puppy is on a leash, you may be able to do some simpler ones. If you do a bit of gardening or something else, be sure it doesn't get your attention so much that you are distracted from your job of watching the puppy every moment, so you know when he has done his job.

Don't take him back in the house the very moment he has done his stuff. He is likely to notice that the fun of being outside ends abruptly once he eliminates, and this is not an idea you want him to come up with!

My husband and I train our puppies by saying "Do your stuff!"just as they pee or poop. After they have heard the phrase maybe a few dozen times, you can begin using it to encourage them just before they are actually doing their stuff. Eventually, it will be helpful when you are walking them as adults. I must admit I have never had a dog who heard me say that and always immediately performed, but it does help them get the idea. It's just part of my routine for potty training my dogs.

If you are clicker-training, you could click when the dog did his stuff where you wanted him to, then give him a treat a few moments later, when he is done.

Physically, puppies vary in how old they are before they have control of elimination, but if you bring your puppy home around the age of 8 weeks, which is considered the ideal age, expect a month or two of accidents. They will become rarer as this time goes on.
Those puppy pads aren't a good idea.. It confuses dogs, they know they shouldn't pee in the den, yet you are telling her that she should.. Dogs should be trained straight off to be peeing outside.. That way there is no confusion, no 1/2 housetrained dogs, no dogs that think it's okay sometimes to pee in the house sometimes not.. Ditch the puppy pads and really housetrain her.
When she pees in the house, rub her face in it hard and throw her down outside. Dont let her back in for 2 days and she'll never pee again in your house.
Do not use training pads!!! You are inevitably teaching your dog that it is okay to do their business inside the house!! Try crate training. It simply works!!! Here's a great video clip on how to crate train:
Read this article this may answer your query

Help my dog is and escape artist???

I have a large dog that has separation anxiety when i leave for work. He has broken out of windows and has been successful at opening doors now the doors are always locked so he is trying to chew his way out.
He is neutered and on anti anxiety pills he gets 2 long free walks a day and we play with him.
I can't keep him on a leash as he always gets totally hog tyed and hurts him self even with a trolley system. The 5 foot fence is nothing for him to jump so i know a 6 foot fence will do no good. Help!!!!!
Have you tried crating him in a single room with a closed door? could you keep the radio or tv on to keep him company? Have you considered possibly getting a second dog to keep him company (don't do that unless YOU really want another one!).

We have an escape artist who in the past mangled her carte beyond use- we purchased a new one (all metal) and used zip-ties to secure the edges so she couldn't wedge her way out of the frame- should you use a crate, be sure to remove your dog's collar for it's own safety, if it is an escape artist like ours!

leave it with a dog sitter i really dont know srry
Crate train him, give him longer walks..
I have 2 Bullmastiffs that I crate during the day

They wine a little when I am leaving and as my female has separation anxiety it always breaks my heart when I leave because she falls out!
I recorded her on day when I left and all that fuss only lasted for about 5 minutes and she laid down and slept for the entire day!

try a large kennel/crate with a kong and some stuffers, a pigs ear etc and NO BEDDING!!! in there or you will end up in the ER and your dog will need surgery to remove some fiberfill!!!
Trust me I know!!!

Try going to and buying one of theirs, they are HUGE ...I needed a large one with the giant dogs I have :o)

Hope this helped
run an electric wire around the top and bottom of your fence,only dog approved electric box,found at pet smart,pet co etc,i have rottweilers and it works for them,it don't hurt it more or less scares the hell out of then,they get a little zap when they hit the wire
Mine was an escape artist, too, and also had separation anxiety (although not as bad as yours. We tried everything: chew toys, stuffed animals, all kinds of things. We finally resorted to getting another dog, and she has been really happy ever since. The two dogs play all day, and just wind up exhausted in the evening.
put him in a room with no windows and put like chairs and tables in front of the door.
Your dog needs to be crate trained. It's the safest, most calming thing for a dog. Mine was a terror until I crated her, now she goes into her crate on command and will even open the door with her paw to get in.

One quick tip in training (and yes my dog was an adult when I was training her, they do not need to be puppies) - make sure you choose a CRATE ONLY treat they can't resist - we use liver treats exclusively. The only time the dogs get liver treats is if they are quiet in their crates. They would do anything for those treats! :)

Also, it may help to keep the dog in the crate EXCLUSIVELY until they learn to settle down - of course take your dog for walks and outside play time - but if your dog is that destructive and manipulative - keep him in the crate in a common room so he can see you coming and going to the bathroom, bedroom, etc. Keep those special crate treats ontop of the crate.. when you walk by and he's not having a fit, praise him and drop a treat into the crate.

It took me 2 weeks to turn my sep. anxiety animal around.

Good luck!
This dog needs to be crate trained using an airplane type plastic crate available at any pet supply store. If you crate train him using a clicker and a shaping procedure he will learn to love his crate and it will be a safe place for him to go when you can't be with him.

An alternative to the crate is for you to put him in a utility room or some other room where there isn't much damage he can do but leave him with a dog bed, many toys and several Kongs. Kongs are rubber toys that you can stuff with cheese or other treats and freeze them. It takes a dog a few hours to get the goodies out of it.

In addition, you might try some stuff that I was very skeptical about but initial reports from some vet friends are that it just might work. It's some stuff called DAP and it's available at PetSmart in my town:

It apparently releases a pheromone that relaxes many dogs. Again, I'm usually quite skeptical about stuff like that but this is getting some good research behind it.
You can buy (and I recommend) a Chain link enclosure. They come with a top on them, so the dog cannot climb up and over the sides. This enclosure should be placed on cement, otherwise "Mr. Escape Artist" will try to dig under it.

I had a dog run built for me, I used cement for the floor and wrought Iron for the sides with brick for two of the walls . This worked for my dogs.
Are you sure we don't have the same dog?? lol, I have a deaf great dane who is EXACTLY the same way as yours. I contacted a behavior specialist. She told me to change her diet first.put more meat and vegetables in her food and LESS cereal. I found a lot of recipes for home made dog food on the web. She also told me that YOU have to be the leader. Make the dog go with you everywhere until he's literally sick of you! Also, make him work for any food or treats he wants. She did say to use the anxiety medication, which my vet is against. She said there are also some really good books on the web you can get with information on how to stop this behavior. I know that now we don't make a big deal of goin anywhere and she's not as frantic as she was. Being that she's deaf makes it more of a problem. Try changing the diet first, then for help go to . GOOD LUCK!!
why don't you get him a doggy friend. you could get a small dog or if you don't want another dog then get your friend or neighbor to bring their dog over for your dog's company while you are gone. or just get a doggy sitter. have you heard of those king kong dog toys. they look kind of like fire hydrants and you put some squirty treat and then freeze it and they try to lick it out of the toy through a hole. you can look it up at its called king kong chew toy. good luck!
You could get him a dog cage. It's not cruel or anything, and he won't be able to break out of it.
What do you mean by "2 long free walks"? Is that off lead???

That could be the root of the problem. All dogs should be lead walked at all times until they're trained well enough not to be on the lead (like three years later).

The leash is your best tool to resolve _all_ of your problems. Teach your dog to walk on heel.

In the meantime, get fence extenders from a hardware and garden store. Also, cover your fence. If he can see the outside world, he'll desire it.

Good luck.

Help my dog is about to have her puppies?

help me please i'm an 11 yrs. old and my dog is pregant and she is about to have her puppies RIGHT NOW and i don't know what to do!!! please help me PLEASE!!!
First off take a deep breath and calm down. Next get your vets number handy in case she has any complications. Third sand back and watch she should be able to do it all by herself without any help. She will want to eat the after birth and it is good for her but I would not let her eat more than a couple as if she eats all of them it can and does cause them to get black tarry and very very smelly diarrhea. It is gross trust me and hard to clean up. Second make sure you feed her a good quality puppy food if you have not been already. You need to take her and the pups to a vet within no more than 72 hours after birth but the sooner the better. Next as you are watching her while she delivers watch to be sure that she delivers all of the pups if she gets one stuck it could kill that pup as well as her that is why I said to have your vets number handy. 90% of the time all goes well so just keep watch and let her do the rest. May I also suggest you get a book called breeding dogs for dummies it will help you with the care from here on out and the right questions to ask potential owners when you place the pups in their forever homes.
Ok once a pup comes out take of the plescenta and make sure the mouth and nasal passages are clear so they can breath! Then if they are not breathing rub the dog all over to stimulate breathing. Once the pups have come out and you did the above give it to m om so they can nurse! Hope this helps and remember to keep them warm!!!

any emergency vet office should help you

arnt your parents home?
keep her calm

it's ok, she will do most of the work. get a warm towel and a pair of scissors. she will have her pup w/ a slimy sack around it. she should tear it w/ her teeth, chew the cord into and clean the puppy, if she doesn't, you can tear the sac, cut the cord about a half inch from pups belly and rub it clean w/ the warm towel. it will be fine
Look you dont have to do too much. The mother dog will do almost all of the work. You can get some towels and help dry the pups off once the mom has cleaned them off. If she has the pups close together then just get the newest pup born and give it to the mom. You can do this and you will be fine.
If she doesnt break the bag open just tear it with yoru fingers and then get the pup into a towel and start to rub the pup until you hear him or her start to squeek. Then give the pup to the mom.
You should just let the mother dog alone. She will know how to give birth and take care of her puppies. She may not want you to bother her. In some cases if they are fooled with the mother won't care for them.
sweet heart the dog knows what to do. Just leave them alone and she'll do all the work.
Well, you should of thought of that before you decided not to get her neutered! No, that was mean, sorry. I'm pretty sure the mom will know what to do, just make sure their breathing! Where are your parents?!
Don't worry and don't panic. This is a natural cycle and they have been doing it forever. Let her do most the work and try not to interfere to much it might make her nervous or anxious. Just calmly help each puppy along, pull off the sack and make sure it is breathing. She will clean them all when she is ready and they need it. My only concern is for her since you said she is 11. Keep an eye on her and if things go bad, call the vet. Also remember, it may take time so if it seems to be forever, it is probably ok, just watch the wonders of God take place:)

HELP my dog has a licking problem! i've had her since 2 DAYS knows not to lick you in the face BUT STILL WIL

i've had her since 2 days old she knows not to lick you IN THE FACE she has learned to put something in her mouth so she cant lick you so she knows NOT TO LICK YOU, BUT CANT HELP NOT TO!!PLEASE HELP SHE GETS IN EVERYONES FACE AND LICKS THEM!! she jumps %26 jumps up in peoples face that show up Then she gets in there face and tries to lick them in the face PEOPLE DON'T LIKE IT!any suggestion's? ive tried biting her thounge smacking her yelling at her she knows shes not suppose to like shell go get a toy %26 put it in her mouth %26 then come up to you %26 lean her face against you, with a toy in her mouth she cant lick you!! i have bottle feed them when there mom died at 2 days old.. they know most human words since they have really haven't had any animal but our Manx cat !!
Have you tried blowing in her face? That will usually stop it. However, to work, it has to be EVERY time, and not just when it is especially annoying..
The first time or two, she may act as if she likes being blown at..(don't just do a gentle 'breeze' but as hard as you can..)

She also needs to be taught the very basics of obedience. She obviously does not respect your wishes, so is being a 'brat 'for attention.
Here is a helpful site for teaching her the 'sit', 'stay', 'Down',,etc>
Teach her to sit, and practice until she is doing it reliably.. When she does unwanted behaviors, make her 'sit'. and only praise her when she is obedient.

It is amazing that you raised her by hand from 2 days old! , and I know she is very dear to you. However, she really does need some tough love here, and to learn to respect you and other humans..
It is interesting to note that it's a natural thing for them to do for their caregiver, they also lick the face of the alpha, right through into adulthood.
However that being said, the quicker you put your foot down, the less irritated people there will be, as to us it's not always acceptable behavior.
i don't understand you are not a dog person!it is a natural way of dog showing their dog would never lick a person that she doesn't like or don't know!!!or if a person show that they don't like to be licked...she would never try to lick them again...Dogs can sense who likes them or not!give him a break!
you have had your dog for 2 DAYS!!! show it what is appropriate and what is not... praise the appropriate behavior and ignore the innapropriate behavior. SPAY/NEUTER this dog,, so the same thing does not happen

SMACKING YELLING ETC> are forms of abuse,,,, STOP IT
I think you need some obedience lessons, and the dog too. You never yell at a dog or hit them, when you are trying to teach them something.
Licking is a dogs way of showing affection. My dogs do it to each other and to us.

Saying no lick and putting your hand between the dog and yourself may help, but it will probably lick your hand instead.

Smacking her is NOT the way to do it. You will just make her vicious that way. Seeing as you dislike her licking so much I suggest you find her another home where she will be loved.
Just accept her little licks as "puppy kisses" which is what they really are if you do love her.

Congrats on pulling the puppy through without it's mother.
I have two boxers and my female does not do that she only gives kisses when asked. Yet is a spoiled and loveable dog. However my male cannot keep his tounge in his mouth! I do not think itd an effection thing I think its more excitement. I tapped his mouth help it shut and said no. Nothing works!! I'm in your boat that how I can across this looking for answers and solutions. I will try the blowing thing but some how I don;t think he is going to care.

Help my dog chews holes through his kennel and escapes! What can I do?

I have tried everything, toys, chew toys, blankets with my smell, music on, tv on, the spray that is supposed to make him calm down, really everything!!
First of all, is your dog spayed or neutered? If you have a male dog that is not neutered, then, u might want to consider getting it neutered unless u want to have him as a stud for a female dog. Some male will try to escape from his kennel/crate to try to get into a female kennel to be bred. If you got a female that is not Spayed, it might want a male dog by escaping, or making sounds letting the male dog to come to her. Another thing is that how old is your dog? Male? or Female? Sometimes, dog might not like to be kenneled, try using lure with treats. Then, after a week or so or until he/she learns the lure then, try using the word crate or kennel. But, it has to be very simple word. Practice some Obedience Training, play with the dog, %26 run with the dog. Spend some time with the dog before you put the dog inside the crate/kennel. That way the dog will be so tired when you leave the house. Leave a treat ball, radio, or a Kong. Another way not let the dog chews on things associate with something good like a treat. When you see the dog biting, or chewing the Crate/Kennel, say no or use a command that is simple like ex: eh eh. When the dog looks away from the Crate/Kennel, give a treat that is called "Assocation with Good Behavior. One thing, I like to share with you is in Leerburg there are some Crates that is called "Aluminum Dog Crates" Here is a website you might like to see:

Also, sometimes he/she might have a Separation Anxiety. That might be another issue to think about.
He needs more exercise and more time out of the crate. he is bored. Dogs are not meant to live as caged animals. Give him more attention and play with him more. A tired dog is a good dog.
If he must be in a crate, try a metal one which he couldnt chew through.

Also, make sure when he is in his crate to give him plenty of chew toys and other things he likes to play with to keep him occupied.
Try anxiety pills they sell them at any good pet supplies store.
Also try special time with you and your animal, Something that you do on regular. This will improve your training ability.
First, Does the dog absolutely HAVE to be in a crate? If he hates it so much, is there a different route you can take?
If he must be in a crate (which some dogs do) can you try using a DAP diffuser to calm him down? I would avoid drugs until you have maxed out all of your other options. Also, is it all the time that he is upset in there, or only when you leave? You may have a dog with separation anxiety, in which case you may want to try some alone training with him. Google "alone training" or vist and do a search for alone training. It is a website geared towards greyhounds, but alone training works the same with most breeds and you can get some great advice about it from that website. Good luck!